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Welcome to American Dispatchers. Your life is just about to get a lot easier. Owning a trucking company can never be a one-person operation. With a deluge of paperwork and red tape to contend simply driving from A to B can be fraught with headaches if you’re trying to do it all yourself.

Allow us to do the heavy lifting. From paperwork, invoicing, insurance certificates, and more, Top Dispatchers is your professional team for all the back-end work that allows your company to get on the front end of growing your business. No more worrying about follow-ups with the broker for lumper and detention pay. We’ll take care of it all to make sure you and your drivers have everything you need to make your jobs as seamless as possible.

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Dry Van $3.20+

Flatbed $3.83+

Reefer $3.88+

Power Only $2.90+

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Thank you Nick and all of the 24/7 team for keeping me running nonstop. Record breaking year for me so far.
Wonderful service! They have kept me moving all the time and I have one dispatcher assigned to me. Keep up the good work!
Dave McKane
Owner Operator
Really impressed 10/10. Best services for dispatching needs. They also got me home on schedule every time.
Michael Elias
Company Driver
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